Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Induction day

One of the few times he had an eye or eyes open. He was SLEEPY today!

His Gigi came by at lunchtime to snuggle.

Emily and Me, Avery and Reed

Today was supposed to be induction day. Dr. Gnam was 90% sure last Thursday that we would induce labor today. He told me I wouldn't start labor back on my own. I felt otherwise, but I trusted his judgement. Instead, today I spent about 7 hours with my sweet 4 day old. Reed continues to do well. Still having some spells of apnea. I had a talk with him about that and made sure he knew that each time he stopped breathing meant we would be in the hospital one more day. I'm not sure he got the total message, but I called to check on him at 8:00pm and he hadn't had anymore!

We had a busy day. My friend Emily from work came to see me. Emily used to work in a NICU so she is used to tiny babies! She has started maternity leave for her daughter Avery's upcoming birth. Her due date was 2 weeks ahead of mine, so she is getting close! We never did take a belly pictures together, so I thought today was a good chance to get Reed and Avery together. I can't wait to meet her little one and I know she is anxious to be a mommy! I left him about 4:00 and was planning to come back tonight but after I got home, my body said enough was enough. I have been going strong since he was born but I have worn myself out. I hate that I will spend a long time away again, but I have to make myself rest. It is hard to long to be with your baby and not be able to have them in your arms. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better. I drove myself today but if I am not up to it in the morning, I will be able to get my mom or dad to take me. It is so good to have family close by!

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Mary said...

I'm guessing this process is really hard. So sorry you are apart from him at all! He is a beautiful baby!